I voted “Yes” to Maple Valley Parks

I voted “Yes” for Maple Valley Parks. I believe in providing safe places for our children to play and have fun. I strongly believe that our children our the future for us and investing in them is a key. Currently when I travel around the community I see children hanging out in Safeway and Fred Meyer parking lots, this is not a great place for kids to hang out. Having a park with amenities for our young adults is important in providing a place they can safely hang out without getting into trouble.

I have also had my children and wife participating in Maple Valley sports like Junior Bears. The teams are being bused around because we don’t have the fields for them to practice and play. I know the same is for local soccer teams and other sports. We should not be having to leave our community and pay other cities for our sports teams. We need to be able to have the fields they need local. This also brings in income to the city as others come to Maple Valley to play games and tournaments.

One of the things I have heard over and over about Maple Valley is that we need more parks and recreation space. This fits that need. Is it perfect? No, but if we wait for perfect we will never get good.

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