Community as an asset of Maple Valley

What makes Maple Valley so appealing is the community and small town living feeling. Maple Valley is growing at a rapid pace and is not slowing down. This growth has risks associated with it that go beyond roads and traffic. The risk I am concerned about is we lose some of the community feeling and the support structure that we are so proud of.

In order to prevent risk from becoming a reality all residents of Maple Valley should commit to participating in the community and being inclusive to everyone joining our community. We need to make everyone feel welcome and safe in our community as we do. We need to throw away any idea of labels we have for people as that only continues to divide us as a community. We must challenge our own biases and understand that everyone is just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. This is not a time to divide but a time to unite, unite behind the vision that we are a community and we are all in this together.

In my vision of Maple Valley, I want to see a strong community center, cooperative small local organizations that work to meet common economic, social and cultural needs of the community. These small cooperative organizations can provide the needed services while providing local employment, member ownership fostering entrepreneurship, opportunities to work together on common goals, keep money local, and strengthen the community that the residents of Maple Valley are so proud of.

If elected to City Council I will put forth a resolution that will create a grant program for the startup of cooperative businesses in Maple Valley. We will pay for this with existing money and remain balanced in our budget while providing local business opportunities, services for our community, and local employment. I ask you to help make this vision a reality in Maple Valley by helping our campaign to make a stronger, vibrant, inclusive community that works together on this common purpose.

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