About Matt

I have worked in the information technology industry for about 20 years. I started as a developer and worked through various other positions in information technology like systems administration and network administration to get to where I am today. I currently work as a Senior Manager at a Fortune 10 company, and manage the Security Operations Center. I am a lead a large team by providing vision and individual growth, this is similar to my leadership in the community. I hope to help establish a city vision that we can all agree on and work towards.

I didn’t have an easy road to get where I am currently but each challenge in my life has lead to a better understanding of people and how to be a leader. My childhood was one of many challenges, I would be what most people would call a problem child. I did not get along with my parents which caused a lot of conflict at home, which caused me to move out of my parents house very early, way before I was ready to. This caused me to have multiple run-ins with the judicial system as a juvenile until I was a young adult. This forced me to grow at a rapid pace to work out of a system that doesn’t always work for the individual. I have been asked before if I could change my past would I? My answer is always the same, no, what happened in my past brought me to where I am today, and while I am not proud of my history as a child, I am happy I learned and grew from it. This makes me want to work with the young adults in our community so they do not make the same mistakes I do. I hope to bring a community center for children to Maple Valley that will help with our troubled youth.

I worked in the information technology industry during the .com bubble burst. It was very hard to find a job after that and I went from a nice comfortable salary to minimum wage job overnight. This revolved around people nervous to hire high paid talent because they didn’t think they would stay at the job. There was a lot of losses during the bubble burst. However, as a parent and husband I had to find work to ensure my family was comfortable. This lead to multiple attempts to make a comfortable living. It lead to my training as a chef, and later to becoming a cross country truck driver. I ended up opening a business for myself and leased a truck and drove freight all over the United States. This did not end well for myself or my family as the lease was not the best terms, and I could not get enough loads. Then it came clear that my children were not comfortable with me gone all the time and one of them stopped talking to me. This ended up for my family in a worse state than minimum wage and I was forced to get rid of my business and file for bankruptcy protection. I regret this decision but I had to do what was best for my family.

After this I worked back into the technology industry and became a security professional. I slowly worked back into the industry and made sure my family was comfortable. This eventually lead to my current job. However, this had its own challenges. We lived in North Carolina and after the downfall of the housing market we were trying to sell our house in North Carolina, however, North Carolina was going through some pains of its owns as companies moved out of Winston Salem. So we had a lot of challenges getting rid of our house and eventually we left Washington and my job to go back to living in North Carolina as we could not continue to pay for 2 homes. I took a job in North Carolina that I thought would be good, however, my ethics got in the way and there were things I could not do at the new job and sleep at night. This caused an early departure from this new position. This company was aggressive in trying to claw back relocation money, which I was willing to pay but I could not make it in the timeframe they wanted. They proceeded to threaten going after my family and home that we were trying to sell. We ended up having to do the one thing we didn’t want to do to save our assets, we had to file for bankruptcy protection again with 100% payback. We have never tried to get out of our debts, only we have tried to ensure the family has been taken care of. Since then we have continued to work with the court system to ensure all of our debts are 100% paid and we will continue to do this. There are gag orders on talking too much about this time based on a deal I finally made between the bankruptcy court and the prior company. However, if you have concerns please contact me and I will be more than happy to answer the questions I can. I am not happy or proud that this happened but my family comes first.

We moved back to Washington after the house sold and have been in my current position for the past 3.5 years. We love Washington and have found Maple Valley to be the city we want to call home. The community here is phenomenal and it always makes me happy to see each other helping others in the community. This is what makes the city powerful and desirable.

If you have any questions or concerns I ask that before you judge you reach out and let’s have a coffee and discuss your concerns. I will work for you and my family on the City Council so we need to have a good relationship. You can reach me at matt@mattjezorek.com to setup time to meet with me.