This was a great year, it was full of challenges I was not expecting. While my outlook during some of the challenges wasn’t always positive, its clear that I made it through them and will continue to do so in 2019.


I intend to continue my life-long journey of continuous learning combined with goal setting at a high level for the year. This will be a fun year and I am looking forward to every moment of it, including the down times where I grow and learn far more than during the up times.

My interests in 2018 expanded more and more away from my day job of computers and information security, this doesn’t mean I don’t love information security. I put a lot of energy into information security, I learned in 2018 that the energy can be wasted when you don’t have a clear picture. I found to clear the picture I need to step away and take care of myself.

My goals in 2019 reflect this.

2019 Goals

  • Share more. I love to read, learn, and consume information. I need to share what I learn. Goal: I will write at least 1 post a month about something I learned. Topics will vary
  • Take time off. To put 100% in every day, I need to refresh. I will take time away from work. Goal: II will take 100% of my available time off. I will travel, I will connect to nature, I will not work.
  • Reconnect to nature. I grew up in and around nature. I have been an avid angler, hunter, conservationist and generally just loved the outdoors. As I worked on my career that slipped away. I might get out and fish once or twice a year, I have not hunted in several years, and I barely go out and hike. I miss it. Goal: 20% of meat consumed by me will be harvested by hunting and fishing. To do this I will need to get out and hike and camp.
  • Improve physical condition. Desk job, enough said. Goal: I will workout 3 times a week. Workout here means 20-30 minutes of activity with an elevated heart rate. I don’t mean get ripped but to support my other goals I need to be able to get up and down the Pacific North West hills hiking and carrying gear.


2019 will be a great year, one filled with ups and downs but continuous learning. I look forward to the year and hope I can share moments of my year with you.