Silent Rooms are Judgemental Rooms

Lately I have been on a single train of thought, workplace safety. This train has many stops and the one I am at right now is judgment. This is not only judgment by your peers, or leadership - often it is judgment by yourself.

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What do I do when knowing is not enough?

It was a nice summer morning, I was sitting on my back patio relaxing with a coffee watching the chickens, dogs, and other animals then this happened.

I agree and wanted to spend a moment reflecting on various points in my career, my own actions, and my opinions. I will be doing a few posts when I have time discussing various points in my career where I have faced challenges and knew what to do and it was not enough. My thinking was not evolved alone, it was the diverse colleagues around me who dove into these problems with me, provided perspective, and ideas and shaped my opinions to what they are today. I can not take that credit, but I also have to many people to list them one by one.

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3 tips on making the move from engineer to manager.

“What are your thoughts on moving from highly technical individual contributor to a technical manager? If you had to do it over again what would you want to know from the start?”. This question is asked by both managers and individual contributors thinking about going into management. These questions make you sit down and think about your past, what you have learned, and how to turn those learnings into actionable items that we can all learn from.

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