My family and I love living in Maple Valley and we believe in getting involved in our community. We have only lived in Maple Valley for about 3 years but have seen the city change in that short amount of time. The city of Maple Valley is growing and changing at a rapid pace, this requires leadership, vision and listening to the residents. My vision for Maple Valley is a city with strong economic development and a fully engaged community.

Strong economic development means we must support small businesses, make the city attractive to business who want to help the community, and work on traffic problems that our residents face from the rapid growth. This doesn’t stop at our city limits, it will require working with those in Olympia to make sure that the needs of our community are represented and that mandated growth does not negatively impact the residents and wildlife of our city.

Maple Valley residents need to be heard by the council and not just loud voices of small groups, everyone needs to be heard. My goal will be to listen to all residents and to find methods of getting everyone engaged in the community. This doesn’t mean only listening to those that have common beliefs and ideals, but listening to dissenting information, and working to make decisions that can help all residents of Maple Valley.

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